Can You Lose Weight Walking

In the search for weight loss success, many people want to know if it is possible to lose weight without exercising, or at least without exercising vigorously. Whether it is due to physical ability, desire, or just being overwhelmed with the idea of trying to plan your meals for weight loss, the thought of also incorporating formal exercise plans can be too much for some people. While it is definitely possible to lose weight without exercising, adding a bit of physical activity will definitely add to your success.

Because formal and/or vigorous exercise routines might be too difficult as you start your weight loss journey, perhaps you should consider keeping it simple. Something that requires little to no equipment and can be incorporated easily into your daily routine is walking. But can you lose weight walking? YES YOU CAN. While it is always best to put proper nutrition at the top of the list for lifestyle changes that contribute to weight loss and health, something as simple as a daily walking routine can greatly improve weight loss results.


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