Weigh Me Down

Weight and body image have been issues for me since I was in grade school. I probably tried nearly every diet pill and fad diet over the years, always searching for a quick fix but long term solution. So often, the limiting factor in having long term success for me and women like me is lack of TIME…lack of time to meal prep, meal plan, exercise, etc.

I am on a mission to find solutions for fast but lasting weight loss midst the chaos of life. As I navigate this journey, I am passionate about encouraging others and offering hope to women like me who are looking to do the same.

A Little History

Growing up, I was always a bit on the “fluffy” side, and self-conscious about my weight. I was not obese, but never what I would consider an ideal weight. There were periods in my life during which I lost weight, often not with the healthiest of methods, and it was never long-lasting.

I am now in my 40s, have a wonderful family and a successful career. Regardless of my successes in life, however, weight tends to occupy my mind more than it should and can completely overshadow other accomplishments.

Like many women, I have spent most of my life being something to someone else, whether it be a wife to my husband, a mother to my kids, a leader for my employees, a daughter to my parents, etc. Somewhere I lost myself. The chaos of life kept me from focusing on my self and my health. Now it is time to get a grip and find a healthy way of being for the long-term. I cannot truly be my best for others if I don’t care for myself.

Success is Possible

I have already found some weight loss success and am excited for what lies ahead. I am energized and more engaged in life. I am learning healthy habits that don’t take a bunch of extra time from my already busy schedule.

We all have different life circumstances and obstacles that affect what weight loss program will work. Barriers may be time, finances, support, dietary restrictions and dietary preference. It is vital to find something that matches individual need and resources. On this site, I will be providing information that I hope will help others like me find weight loss success midst the chaos of every day life.

Give to Yourself

Change takes effort, but WE ARE WORTH IT! So many of us spend our lives giving to others. Give yourself permission to put yourself first. Being our best self will allow us to be our best for others.

Have a look around. I hope you find something that helps you on your weight loss journey. If you have something to share in regard to weight loss for busy women, I would love to hear it!

Here’s to losing in order to gain!

All the best,


Weigh Me Down